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Engine Carbon Cleaning

Keeping You Car Engine Clean

Our cutting-edge Engine Carbon Clean service uses the latest in hydrogen technology to help clear away the carbon build-up from your engine, with no dismantling of parts or the use of harmful chemicals. It’s super quick, safe and not detirmental to the enviroment.

The aim is to allow the engine to ‘breathe’ more easily and getting back performance which can be lost over time.

The Benefits

  • Restore Power and Performance
  • Lower Emissions
  • Revitalise Fuel Efficiency
  • Avoid Costly Repair Bills


How it Works

The process of Engine Carbon Cleaning is relatively simple. By using water to eate hydrogen and oxygen which pass through the air intake of an engine and out through the exhaust system as a gas. This removes excess carbon that leads to poor performance issues. There is NO dismantling of engine parts in the process and best of all it does not use any harmful chemicals. Most people regularly services their vehicles and it is recomneding that Engine Carbon Cleaning be part of your regular maintenance.

What Vehicles are Eligible

Engine Engine Carbon Cleaning is suitable for motorbikes all the way up the high performance cars, whether they be petrol, diesel or LPG engine across all makes and models

The benefits are immediate, noticeable and long lasting:

  • More Responsive
  • Lower Emissions
  • Potential Fuel Savings
  • Smoother Performance
  • Restored Power
  • Enhanced Driving Experience
  • Fewer Vibrations
  • Revived Torque



Come to Class 4 MOT to get our Engine Carbon Cleaning service for as little as £55 (inc vat) or let our mobile service come to you for £80 (inc vat)

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